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HFLA's important work is supported entirely by donors who have built and contributed to our Loan Funds and who make annual donations to support our operations.


HFLA is proud to offer sets of tribute cards that donors can purchase and then mail out at their own convenience. 
Sets of 5 or 10 are available and you are also welcome to mix and match types of cards. 

Your will receive a donation receipt for your gift. 


To make a donation, please click the link below. If desired, we would be delighted to send a tribute card out if your donation is in honour or memory of someone. 
Your will receive a donation receipt for your gift.  



HFLA offers donors the opportunity to create a Named Loan Fund to memorialize or celebrate a loved one or milestone.  
To establish a fund, please click the link below.
Your will receive a donation receipt for your gift. 


Hands Up

Borrower Message to Donors:

"I would like to personally thank all the donors who made this loan possible for me. Your contribution brought me an incredible amount of relief both financially and mentally. I feel that I can focus more on my schooling and maintain good grades as I do not have to stress over paying my bills on time for my tuition and student living. Thank you so much!"



Meet David*

When David lost his job, he turned to HFLA for a loan to help pay for his rent and food until he was able to find a new work.

David recently paid off his loan and shared the following with us: "When I came to you, I was literally two weeks away from being homeless. I have bounced back because of the kindness you showed in helping me". 



Meet Sarah*

When Sarah needed to replace her old car, she applied to her bank for a loan. Unfortunately, with a previous bankruptcy on record, her application was denied. 

Needing a car to get to and from work, a friend referred Sarah to HFLA and her application was approved.

Sarah was extremely grateful to HFLA for believing in her when others wouldn't. 

*Name & image have been changed to protect our borrower's privacy. 


Meet Max*

While Max has enough money every month to pay for rent, food and other basic expenses, he was never able to put away any money in savings. 

When Max's wife passed away, he applied to HFLA for a loan to help cover her burial costs. 

Max was very grateful to receive a loan from HFLA as it allowed him to honour his late wife in the way he wanted to. 

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