HFLA provides interest-free loans to help Jewish individuals from British Columbia overcome financial challenges and build better lives

Meet David*

When David lost his job, he turned to HFLA for a loan to help pay for his rent and food until he was able to find a new work.

David recently paid off his loan and shared the following with us: "When I came to you, I was literally two weeks away from being homeless. I have bounced back because of the kindness you showed in helping me". 

Meet Leah*

Leah is a mother of two who raised her children on her own. She has worked very hard her whole life to support herself and her family. 

After many years of working as a housekeeper, Leah applied to HFLA for a loan to develop her own cleaning business. 

Leah's hope is to develop her business so that it can support her as she ages so that she can remain self sufficient. 

Meet Max*

While Max has enough money every month to pay for rent, food and other basic expenses, he was never able to put away any money in savings. 

When Max's wife passed away, he applied to HFLA for a loan to help cover her burial costs. 

Max was very grateful to receive a loan from HFLA as it allowed him to honour his late wife in the way he wanted to. 

Meet Sarah*

When Sarah needed to replace her old car, she applied to her bank for a loan. Unfortunately, with a previous bankruptcy on record, her application was denied. 

Needing a car to get to and from work, a friend referred Sarah to HFLA and her application was approved.

Sarah was extremely grateful to HFLA for believing in her when others wouldn't. 


*Name & images have been changed to protect our borrower's privacy. 


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