HFLA provides interest-free loans to help Jewish individuals from British Columbia overcome financial challenges and build better lives


Meet Sam*

Born in Russia, Sam moved first to Israel and then eventually settled in Canada. He currently lives with his daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren who help care for him. 

Sam applied to HFLA for a loan to cover the cost of emergency dental work. He was referred to us by our partners at JFS and was able to get his loan approved quickly so that the dental work could be begin without delay.

*Name & images have been changed to protect our borrower's privacy. 


Meet Carly*

Carly is a very bright young woman with a wonderful future ahead of her. HFLA provided a student loan to Carly to help her cover the costs of her Masters Degree Program tuition. 

Carly is currently studying hard and is on the path to what will surely be an impressive and distinguished career. This would not have been possible without the help of an HFLA loan.

*Name & images have been changed to protect our borrower's privacy. 


Meet Dan*

Dan is a married man in his mid-30's who is gainfully employed. When his wife was diagnosed with cancer, she was no longer able to work and they quickly started falling behind on their bills.

HFLA provided a loan to Dan to pay off his mounting debts and cover his other expenses so that he could focus his energy on caring for his sick wife. 

*Name & images have been changed to protect our borrower's privacy.