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Thank you to the following generous donors who have made a contribution to HFLA in 2022:




Les & Tracy Ames

Val & Irina Arustamov

David & Tamar Bakyoni

Philip & Lori Barer

Jonathan & Heidi Barnett

Shirley Barnett

Matt & Sherri Barkoff

Paul Becker in memory of Ellen Becker

Rodney Benson

Jeremy Berger

Joan Berlow

Beth Tikvah Rabbi Fund

Shawn & Desiree Bleet

Jeff & Samara Bordan

Jack Boxer

Brian & Dalia Bressler

Stanley Brosgall

Adi Bunim

Chana Charach

Gary & Linda Cohen

Helio Lopes Da Costa

Harvey & Jody Dales

Ben & Esther Dayson Charitable Foundation

Diamond Foundation

Danielle & Michelle Dodek

Morton & Irene Dodek

Mannie & Armelle Drucker

Charles & Laura Duhan Kaplan

Harvey Field & Randa Bloom

Wendy Fouks

Hannah Frankel

Chris Friedrichs

Susan Fugman

Leana Gaerber

Charles Gillman

Monty & Marcy Glanzberg

Sima Godfrey

David Goldman

Morris Gordon

Lorne Greenberg 

Roni & Chen Greif

Leanne Hazon

Barbara Heller

Kenneth Hemmerick

Dennis Hoffman

Lauren Hershfield & Jeff Silver

Arlene James

Max & Bayle James

Sandy James

Eli Jospeh

Lynn Kagan

Kahn Foundation

Ida Kaplan

Odie Kaplan

Sharon Kates 

David Kauffman

Sam Khalifa

Saul Khalifa

Tamar Khalifa

Russ Klien & Deborah Youngson

Ethel Kofsky

Robert & Marilyn Krell

Stacey & Jory Levitt

Lohn Foundation

Maureen Mansoor

Robert & Elke Mermelstein

Larry & Tyla Meyer

Jack Micner

Ken & Debra Miller

Evelyn Neaman & Steve Herman

Jessic Neville

Judy Oberlander & Mark Wexler

Neil & Michelle Pollock

Lionel Raber

Elana Ribakov

Avron Ritch

Fran Ritch

Jeff & Linda Rothberg

Harley Rothstein & Eleanor Boyle

Barbara Reubanenko

Anita Rudolph

Jack Saunders

Nathan Schaffer

Stephen Schecter

Chad & Simona Seguin

Schwartzman Financial Corporation

Richard & Ilana Sebba

Jenn Shecter & Jeff Balin

Olga Shipillo

Gloria Smith

Shael Smith

Phylis & Irving Snider Foundation

Beverly Spring

Eve Sonner

Barry & Ronnie Tessler

Arthur Toft

Dina Wachtel

Allan & Joanna Wasel

Joshua Wenner

Henriette & Leonard White Endowment Loan Fund

Sherri Wise

Sandy Wohl

Philip & Corrine Yacht

Elaine Youngson

Ted Zacks & Linda Mann

If you donated in 2023 and your name does not appear on this list, please reach out to us at so that we can apologize and remedy the situation.  

Donations received in 2024 will be listed here in January of 2025.

It is with immense gratitude that we announce that The Diamond Foundation has made an extraordinary and generous gift of $100,000 to The Hebrew Free Loan Association of Vancouver. 

This remarkable gift will be designated to our Angel Loan Fund, which was created to provide interest-free loans to the most vulnerable members of our Jewish community who lack a qualified personal guarantor. 

The Diamond Family's connection with HFLA dates back to the organization's inception in 1979. Jack Diamond Z"L, a revered member of our community, was an integral part of a group of visionary leaders who contributed the initial capital to establish the loan fund. Since those early days, the Diamond family has remained steadfast in their commitment to HFLA by consistently supporting our important work. Their enduring dedication reflects a profound understanding of the importance of community and the impact that a helping hand can have on individual lives.

Thanks to the creation of the Diamond Foundation Angel Loan Fund, HFLA will be empowered to expand its mission to provide a financial lifeline to those who need it most, making a lasting and positive impact on the lives of countless community members.

We extend our sincere appreciation to the Diamond Foundation for their continued support which exemplifies the spirit of community, compassion, and philanthropy.
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