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We are pleased to offer a variety of loan programs. Please view the icons below and click on the "apply now" button for more specific information and our loan application form. For a list of FAQ's about our application process, please click here

Sleeping Baby

Adoption & Fertility Loan

Description: Helps ease the burden of the high costs associated with adoption and fertility treatments

Loan Amount Available: $15,000

Holding Hands

Emergency Loan

Description: Helps people meet urgent needs for food or housing

Loan Amount Available: $2,000

Silhouettes of People Holding Flag of Is

Israel Travel Experience Loan

Description: Helps families of modest means send their teens on a Jewish educational experience

Loan Amount Available: $5,000

Reading Torah

Life Cycle Event Loan

Description: In keeping with Jewish tradition, this loan helps people celebrate modest life cycle events

Loan Amount Available: $6,000


Skills Training Loan

Description: Helps adults looking to upgrade their skills or training

Loan Amount Available: $12,000

Typing on a Computer

Technology Loan

Description: Helps people looking to buy a computer and/or software 

Loan Amount Available: $2,000

Credit Card

Debt Relief Loan

Description: Provides relief to those with high-interest debts so that they can get back on the road to financial health 

Loan Amount Available: $12,000

Man Driving in Car

General Needs Loan

Description: Helps people with needs not covered by any of our other loan programs

Loan Amount Available: $12,000

Smiling Woman

JFS Partnership Loan

Description: A special loan program specifically for JFS clients. No guarantor is required. 

Loan Amount Available: $500 - $1000

Open Sign

New Business Loan

Description: Helps people with the expenses of starting a new business

Loan Amount Available: $15,000

First Aid

Special Needs Loan

Description: Helps people with the costs of home adaptations, mobility aids and other assistive devices

Loan Amount Available: $12,000

Job Interview

Unemployment Bridge Loan

Description: Helps employable individuals meet their monthly expenses while looking for new work

Loan Amount Available: $6,000

Learn to Read

Educational Assessment Loan

Description: Helps families with the cost of Psycho-educational assessments and initial tutoring

Loan Amount Available: $6,000

Dental Tools in Pocket

Health & Dental Loan

Description: Helps people with health & dental costs not covered by government medical care 

Loan Amount Available: $12,000

 Scales of Justice

Legal Assistance Loan

Description: Helps with the cost of legal assistance in the areas of family law, wills, insurance claims and more

Loan Amount Available: $15,000

Red Buidling

Security Deposit Loan

Description: Helps people in need of funds for an apartment security deposit

Loan Amount Available: $3,000

Reading Student

Student Loan

Description: Helps students enrolled in full-time school with the costs of tuition, books and living expenses 

Loan Amount Available: $12,000

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