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Skills Training Loan

Description: Helps adults looking to upgrade their skills or training


Maximum Loan Amount Available: $12,000

Guarantor Requirements: One Jewish guarantor who lives in British Columbia is required for the first $6,000 borrowed. A second guarantor is required for loans over $6,000 (second guarantors need not be Jewish and can live anywhere in Canada)

Repayment Terms: Payments of $50 per month while in training. Six months after graduation, payments of $25 per month for every $1,000 borrowed.

Apply today by following these simple steps: 

step 1

Secure your guarantor(s) and advise them that an HFLA Board Member will be calling them in the days ahead

step 2

Complete our application form by clicking here

step 3

Await a call from an HFLA board representative

step 4

Complete an interview (by zoom or in person)

step 5

Await your loan decision. If your loan is approved, you will be sent paperwork to sign and then your loan funds will be distributed. 

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