HFLA has never been a beneficiary of Federation or the United Way. Our named loan funds and targeted donations provide the funding for interest-free loans. We cover our bare-bones operating budget through our annual campaign, general donations, and tribute cards.

Support HFLA with an annual donation to help us cover our minimal operating costs. A donation to our operating fund allows the HFLA to continue to grant loans.

Named Loan Funds:
Named Loan Funds may be established by calling our office and speaking to our administrator. The minimum donation to establish a named loan fund is $3,600. The beauty of these funds is that they recycle your money. The money is lent out and repaid, over and over again. The fund stays intact while it helps members in our community.

Friends Campaign 2017:
We are currently running our 2017 Hebrew Free Loan Friends Campaign. Become a friend of HFLA and help others help themselves. This year your money will go farther, as we have received a generous matching grant of $18,000. Please give generously.

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