The concept of Hebrew Free Loans has been a part of Jewish Vancouver since 1915.

The present society was started in 1979 and since that time we have granted over 1,800 loans totalling more than $5 million with the vast majority having been repaid in full.


The organization operates with a volunteer working board. We share office space and have a part-time administrator and a part-time bookkeeper. HFLA has never been a beneficiary of Federation or the United Way - we have relieved these organizations of some financial burden by providing loans, many of which would otherwise have been welfare grants. Most importantly, we have allowed so many in our community to retain their dignity with a “hand up,” not a “hand-out,” in difficult circumstances.


With the ongoing support of our donors, we are be able to continue this great and ancient tradition of "gemilut chasidim" - deeds of loving kindness - far into the future.

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The Hebrew Free Loan Association (HFLA) helps people help themselves by granting interest-free loans to members of BC's Jewish Community.

We offer people a helping hand, or hand up, not a hand out. In the process, loan recipients maintain dignity and self-sufficiency as they repay their interest-free loans. Our organization is founded on the mitzvah of Gemilut Chesed — Deeds of Loving Kindness.


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